SUP – Stand Up Paddleboard

What is

The Stand Up Paddling is a relatively new sport in the Western world at least, and combines the balance on the board and paddling. It can be performed depending on the level either in calm sea with no wind or in waves.

To whom is it addressed to

It is an exciting sport, which addresses to all ages and all fitness levels. It can be very extreme and very easy, depending on weather conditions.

Even if you do not want to spend long hours, with few lessons it is easy to handle and to direct your board in calm sea.

In any case it is a chance to work out our body and explore the surrounding beaches, play and ride.

Required Equipment and Safety

We always ensure the suitability of the board depending on our level, that we have got directions and the necessary hours of lessons from certified instructors. We wear a life jacket and the lease which keeps us close to our boat in case we fall, and we never let our paddle go!