What is windsurf ?

Windsurf is known to the general public as an extreme marine Olympic sport.

It is a unique combination of sailing and balance on the board, and suitable for every level and age as there are specific sails and boards, which serve all needs.

Windsurfing is a sport that works the whole body, and is also an excellent exercise for the mind, as windsurfers use the wind as the driving force and the sail as the steering wheel, to get speed, to turn, to “travel “. It is an exciting sport, raises adrenaline, fights stress, brings us closer to nature and the sea, and can occur even in the winter months with the use of a wetsuit, especially in Greece.

Required Equipment and Safety

Appropriate equipment depending on the level, one can rent from renting and learning certified windsurfing schools.

The windsurfing lessons will be carried out by qualified and certified instructors, while all safety rules must be met. A necessary condition is the life jacket and the existence of the survival equipment (inflatable or other vessels) in the learning space.

In any case it is a fairly safe sport if we respect the limits imposed by our level and the weather.

Age and Conditions

Windsurf is a sport for everyone! If there are not serious health problems and one knows how to swim, everyone should try this exciting experience.

Children can begin windsurfing lessons from 8 years old or so, while adults can take private lessons or participate in groups with other exercisers with approximately the same level.