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Andros is an island of great natural beauty..

For those who love hiking, Andros can provide unforgettable experiences as its beautiful paths full of greenery, with streams and small waterfalls, with traditional pathways crossing the villages bring visitors closer to nature.

Andros Routes offers small enjoyable walks and longer hikes in unique locations of Andros, acquaintance with the flora, fauna, rocks, rural landscape, resources, people, monuments, settlements and history. More information about the planned activities or activities based on your preferences, can be found at:

Tηλ. +30 6977334334
Mail: info@androsroutes.gr

The wreckships, the reefs, the caves, the small rocky islands, the walls,scupandros the impressive biodiversity have created an abundance of aquatic sea life beneath the surface of the crystal waters of Andros and will give you unforgettable moments.

The dive center, ScubAndros, gives the opportunity to discover the underwater beauty of Andros.

More information at: http://www.scubandros.gr/

Do you like combining countryside and sport on vacation?andros_bike_logo

Another way to explore Andros is by your bike.

Cycle between the trees in the streams, ride your mountain bike and reach the steep beaches for a refreshing dive, do the tour of the island with relaxed mood with a Trekking or a race bike!

More information at ANDROS BY BIKE.

τηλ. 6998536783
e-mail. androsbybike@gmail.com

Museum of Contemporary Art, Basil and Elise Goulandris Foundation

Be informed about the exhibitions hosted in the museum and visit it in Chora (Andros).


Maritime Museum of Andros

A taste of the great maritime tradition of the island you will find in the Maritime Museum of Andros in the Unknown sailor square in Chora (Andros).